Club Tropicana

“As the name suggests this club is far from the ordinary. Alex Burns gathers together a band of very experienced and journeyed musicians who all share a love of tropical rhythms, from Calypso and Rumba to Tango and Hawaiian. This five piece ensemble of steel guitar, ukulele’s, electric guitar, double bass, percussion, drums and vocals evolves this wonderful music further, breathing joyous life into these rhythms, culminating in an island music extravaganza.”

Thank you to Clare for this great feedback – “thanks for the music last night at Taboo (PBS gig), the best time dancing I’ve had all year. Your music just made me feel so happy.”



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Moana – “A slack key hawaiian influence going on here”

Alyana – My daughter (Alyana) asked me “what is that song you’re playing” mmmmmm, lets call it………..”

Havana – “Cool combination of electric strat and electric steel, all previous songs title’s ended with ana, why not go to Cuba for this one!”

Lost Melody – “Sol Hoopii influence is all over this, Casey Bill Weldon is in there too!”

Voli Voli March – “Influenced by the finger busting marches (in the day of Hawaiian steel musicians) this one has the noble uke leading the parade.”

All compositions copyright Alex Burns.

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